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Anton Yelchin Fan Community
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Anton Yelchin news, pictures, videos and interviews plus the first comm dedicated to The Hammerheads
Anton Yelchin Fans

welcome to
 the newest and brightest community dedicated to Anton Yelchin
there will be some rules, check the profile before posting

1.always put large images under a cut
2. always tag your posts
3.  do not double post

all posts that defy the rules will be deleted without warning

this community was not only created to share news about Anton, but to connect his fans from around the world, so anyone can join, post the pictures, audio, interviews, videos, etc of Anton and any of his current and past projects. Enjoy!

we need promotion, so everyone, if you know any fans on Anton pass the word!
If there are any questions please get in touch with either milkandmolasses or takhallus

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